Knowledge: Acquiring More, Faster

I don’t know about you, but I love to read. Actually, I love having read.

I love feeding my mind with information and inspiration that helps me be the best me I can be.

Won’t it be nice to someday be able to acquire knowledge and experience nearly instantly, like in the Matrix movie when Trinity needed to learn how to fly a helicopter and Tank downloads the program to her memory in mere seconds?

Now THAT’S what I’M talkin’ about! Whoever comes up with that technology will surely make billions and do more for the evolution of humanity than any other invention in history.

Isn’t it an exciting time to be alive? Sure there’s all the negative stuff (economic uncertainty, record deficits, crazy national debt, insane terrorism, record high unemployment, etc).

But at the same time our knowledge and technology is growing at phenomenal rates. It is amazing to me to learn about what’s happening in the fields of nanotechnology, thought controlled robots, re-growing human body parts, physics, astrology, positive psychology, etc.

How can we keep up with all of this incredibly interesting information? Speed reading? Possibly.

What if you don’t like to read? Or what if you have a reading disability, i.e., blind, partially blind, or dyslectic? A friend of mind is dyslectic. She prefers to listen to audio books instead of reading. She buys them on and iTunes, loads up her iPod and listens to her books while driving, doing household chores, and exercising.

If you enjoy reading and want to be able to read and comprehend more information in less time, you may want to consider the science of speed reading.

Yes, it will take time to learn and practice to get good at it. But the ROTI (Return On Time Invested) will serve you for the rest of your life. Sometimes it’s wise to take a few steps back and gain more knowledge and skill so you can move ahead faster over the long haul.

For a quick overview of speed reading, read Timothy Ferris’s blog post “Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes.”

For the most famous, respected, and comprehensive speed reading course, check out Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics. I highly recommend this program. Maybe completing this course and doubling or tripling your reading speed can be one of your mental or personal growth goals. Imagine the possibilities.

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